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David North - WALK News

David North - WALK News

Imagine being a reporter, covering a beat 160 miles long for 2.8 million neighbors.  It’s as exciting as it sounds!  Each day David North explores the issues confronting our neighbors and shares their stories, Island-wide.

Dave describes Long Island as “the World’s Biggest Small Town,” and keeps that idea in mind while serving WALK’s diverse and sophisticated listeners. This approach earned recent awards from fellow-journalists for documentary reports produced for WALK’s “Island Assignment,” on subjects including environmental protection, alternatives to foster care and efforts to prevent cyber-bullying.

This year Dave was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists/ Press Club of Long Island for his work on behalf of the Press Club and in support of Long Island’s journalism community.

Hear Dave’s newscasts Saturday and Sunday mornings on WALK, special reports on “Island Assignment,” and read his reports each day at our Website: LINews.WALKRADIO.com.