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Yet Another L.I.-Gator!

Yet Another L.I.-Gator!

Central Islip - (WALK) If this keeps up, the 'Gator will replace the Long Island Duck as our region's mascot.  Another alligator was found on Long Island, the 20th recovered here during the past year, according to authorities.

The alligator was not recovered from a Long Island marsh, river, or wetland, --but from a home in Central Islip, said Chief Roy Gross of the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of  Cuellty to Animals (SPCA).

The cold blooded creature was found by Suffolk police detectives who were at the home investigating an unrelated matter, according to Chief Gross.

The alligator is apparently healthy and is being kept by the Suffolk SPCA until a home can be found for it at a licensed wildlife facility.  The owners face a less rosey future: they may be chared for possession of the reptile, said Gross.

Photo: Suffolk County SPCA


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