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Why is This Guy Smiling?

Why is This Guy Smiling?

Selden - (WALK) Five alligators recovered from the wilds of Long Island earlier this year indicates a "growing" problem.  State and local officials say a reptile and amphibian amnesty event in Suffolk Saturday is part of a solution.

More than a half-dozen illegally-owned reptiles and amphibians were recovered during an Amnesty Day event sponsored by the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SCSPCA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Saturday in Selden, according to SCSPCA Cheif Roy Gross.

The recovered animals, including a 37" alligator, will be placed in environments were they can be cared for properly and owners can do the right thing, without fear of prosecution, said Gross.

Owning an alligator is illegal without proper permits.  People purchase baby alligators, then release them with they get older, larger, and more difficult to handle.  Abandoning an alligator into the wild on Long Island endangers neighbors and other species, and is also cruel to the 'gator, as the cold-blooded creatures cannot survive our winters.

For more information about the Suffolk S.P.C.A., and its activities on behalf of our community call: 631-382-SPCA, or visit: www.suffolkspca.us




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