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Two Horses Killed in Belmont Park Collission

Two Horses Killed in Belmont Park Collission

Elmont - (WALK) Authorities continue their investigation into the fatal collision of two horses at Belmont Park Saturday.

The horses, 4-year-old Six Drivers, and 9-year-old Caixa Electronica ran into each other at about 8:00 a.m.  Six Drivers suffered a neck fracture; Caixa Electronica suffered a fractured skull. Both horses were killed instantly, said officials.

One rider, Carlos Castro aboard Caixa Electronica suffered a fractured pelvis.  Rider Julio Pezua was thrown from Six Drivers, but reportedly was not seriously injured.

Investigators say Six Drivers was at the starting gate but bolted and threw Pezua, and then ran in the opposite direction, colliding head-on with Caixa Electronica.



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