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Twist in Tale of West Islip Dumpster Dog

Twist in Tale of West Islip Dumpster Dog

Islip - (WALK) An employee at the Town of Islip animal shelter faces felony charges of animal cruelty for allegedly disposing of a live dog in a Dumpster.

Michael Papini, 30, of Lindenhurst (photo), was arrested at his home Friday.  Authorities say he was recorded by surveillance cameras in the act of dumping a plastic bag into a Dumpster behind a gas station in West Islip early Monday morning.

The dog, a female Lhasa apso, apparently worked her way out of a cardboard carrier and chewed through the plastic bag before being discovered by a man hunting for recyclable cans and bottles, said authorities.

Investigators say when the dog was examined, a microchip was discovered and her owner was contacted.  The owner, a woman, said she was acquainted with Papini: she was unable to take care of the dog and Pepini offered to take it to the shelter.  She gave him money, but he evidently bailed out on the agreement.

Papini faces charges including animal abandonment and felony animal cruelty.  Islip Town officials cooperated in the investigation leading to his arrest.

Photo: Suffolk County SPCA


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