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Too "Friendly" Banker Faces Dismissal in Suffolk


Northport - (WALK) Apparently, a bank can be too friendly.

Chase Bank says it will dismiss a 29-year-old male employee who allgedly sent a facebook "friend" request to a 15-year-old girl who opened an account at the company's branch in Northport.

The girl's mother reported the alleged incident after the man opened her daughter's account on September 5.  The employee gathered personal information about the girl, the sent a "friend" request to her 15 minutes later, according to police.

The friendly banker  evidently has a history of reaching out to clients; he reportedly told police he'd made similar "friend" requests about eight times during the past year and a half, including with an 18-year-old woman in August of 2013. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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