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Thousands of LI Students Skip NYS English Arts Exam

Thousands of LI Students Skip NYS English Arts Exam

Melville - (WALK) Thousands of Long Island households expressed their displeasure with New York State testing programs by refusing to let their children participate in the English Language Arts exam, administered to middle school students this week.

67 of Long Island's 124 school districts responded to a request by Long Island's daily newspaper, Newsday, for statistics about student participation in testing this past week.  District representatives who responded said a total of 9,488 students "opted out" of the tests.  Other districts did not respond to the reporter's request. 

About 204,000 students on Long Island were eligible to take the test, according to New York State Officials.  Critics of New York State's testing process the decisions of parents to deny nearly 9,500 students an opportunity to take the English Language Arts exams may encourage even more parents to refuse participation in the state math tests, scheduled for April 30 through May 2.

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