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Teacher Eval Appeals Not Included in Common Core Revamp

Teacher Eval Appeals Not Included in Common Core Revamp

Albany (WALK) - State education officials voted yesterday to slow down the rollout of the controversial Common Core curriculum, as expected, but one proposed change was left out.

The State Board of Regents tabled a proposal to allow teachers to appeal poor job ratings under the state's new teacher evaluation system. The ratings are tied to how their students perform on Common Core evaluation tests. The plan would have allowed teachers to claim that their students performed poorly on the tests because the teachers were inadequately trained to teach the Common Core curriculum.

The board decided to set aside the appeal plan when both Governor Cuomo and New York State United Teachers, the state's largest teachers union, objected to it, though for vastly different reasons. Cuomo said it went too far, while the union said it didn't go far enough. Education officials decided that there was so little common ground on the proposal that it needed to be discussed further, according to Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch.

The changes adopted yesterday will push back until 2022 a rise in some Regents exam passing grades for high school students. At that point, scores required for graduation will rise to 75 on English tests and 80 in algebra. Other changes were designed to ease public concern about the rapid rollout of the more rigorous Common Core curriculum.

Common Core sets higher academic standards for public school students in an effort to better prepare them for college and high-tech careers.

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