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Suspect in Death of E-Setauket Horseman Arraigned on Murder Charges

Suspect in Death of E-Setauket Horseman Arraigned on Murder Charges

Seymour, Tenn. - (WALK) A suspect in the death of a well-known local horseman and riding instructor pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree murder and harassement Friday and is being held without bail.

Brett C. Knight, 45, is reportedly a former tenant of the victim, Ross Reisner.  Reisner was shot and killed at his home on Upper Sheep Pasture Road, East Setauket on September 24. Prosecutors say 11 shots were fired in the attack.

Knight was arrested Wednesday in Seymour, Tennessee, a rural community of about 10,000 in north-central Tennessee, and returned to Suffolk Thursday.  He was held overnight at the Suffolk Police 6th precinct.

According to court reports, prior to Reisner's murder, Knight was charged with harassing Reisner and partner Kevin Murray, but failed to appear in court on September 4.  Murray was slightly wounded in the September shooting. night's failure to report before a judge at First District Court in Central Islip led to the federal warrant that brought U.S. Marshals into the investigation.

U.S. Marshals say Knight bought a motorcycle after the shooting and was traveling about the country. He was described as "armed, volatile, and extremely dangerous." Investigators say two handguns were found at the home in Seymour.

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