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Surprise in the Sofa

Holbrook (WALK) - The next time you feel a few lumps in your couch, don't assume it's spare change.

A couple in Holbrook got quite a surprise Monday as they cleaned out their recently vacated basement apartment. Their old tenant had apparently left behind a 3-foot-long ball python, which the woman was startled to find hiding under a cushion on the sofa.

Her husband, identified as Peter Wang by the Suffolk SPCA, then contacted the Holtsville Ecology Center, which referred her to the SPCA. SPCA officers went to the home and safely removed the python.

SPCA Chief Roy Gross says they do not expect to file any charges in the case. The former tenant had apparently left the snake in the care of the upstairs tenant, and the snake had gotten loose. Ball pythons are legal to own, Gross says.

Photo: Suffolk SPCA


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