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Suffolk Man Grounded for Weapons Possession at JFK

Suffolk Man Grounded for Weapons Possession at JFK

Queens (WALK) - A Patchogue man has an upcoming court date after trying to carry a bag filled with scissors, lighters, matches and what's known as a "trench" knife aboard a flight from JFK airport.

Timothy Schiavo Jr., 29 was stopped by TSA personnel Saturday evening before he could board a flight to visit his sister in North Carolina. He was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and issued a ticket ordering him to appear in court December 23.

Schiavo had reportedly worked at a store in Medford and was on his way south to take a job as a school janitor, according to a relative.

Among the contents of Schaivo's bag were several pairs of scissors, lighters and matches, blades, and a trench knife.  A trench knife (similar to photo) is a style of knife famously used in close combat during World War One, featuring a handle guard fashioned into brass knuckles, used for punching as well as cutting.

Photo: Carl Malamud


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