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Struck By a Duck: Jury Selection in Baseball Assault Suit

Bridgeport, CT - (WALK) Jury selection is underway in the case of a minor league baseball player who claims he suffered a career-ending head injury when he was struck by a bat-wielding Long Island Duck seven years ago.

Former Bridgeport Bluefish catcher Johnathan Nathans is suing the Long Island Ducks and former Duck infielder Jose Offerman for $4.8 milllion. Jury selection is reportedly underway at federal court in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Offerman, 45, was playing for the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks when he was hit by a pitch during a game with the Bridgeport Bluefish in August 2007. Offerman charged the pitcher's mound with his bat and struck Nathans and pitcher Matt Beech.

Offerman, a former Major League baseball player for the Dodgers, Red Sox and other teams, was charged with felony assault but the charges were dismissed when he was permitted to participate in a probation program.  He was also ordered to attend anger management sessions.

Nathans is now employed as an attorney in Portland, Maine, but says he continues to cope with nausea and dizziness, the result of the bat-attack and head injury.

The Ducks officially denied any responsibility for Offerman's actions against Nathans and Beech. 

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