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Stronger Than the Storm?

Stronger Than the Storm?

Long Beach (WALK) - Sometimes bankrutpcy is the beginning of the end, but it can also be a fresh start.

That's what residents of Long Beach are hoping about their local hospital, which has been essentially shuttered since it was wrecked by superstorm Sandy. Financially struggling Long Beach Medical Center (pictured at left) filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday while also announcing a partnership with South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside.

The two hospitals have a plan for South Nassau to acquire the Long Beach Medical Center's property for $21 million and then open a 24-hour emergency department later this year. An urgent-care facility is also reportedly in the works. That plan must now be approved by a bankruptcy court.

Long Beach has been without a functioning hospital since Sandy. Residents and city officials in Long Beach say this is a major concern, since the community is located on a barrier island with limited access, far from the nearest emergency room.


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