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Stand-Off with Convicted Sex Offender Ends Peacefully

Stand-Off with Convicted Sex Offender Ends Peacefully

Elmont (WALK) - A level 3 sex offender with a criminal history is under police watch in a hospital today after a stand-off with Nassau County police.

Patrck Rogers, 54, allegedly barricaded himself in his home on Fieldmere Street in Elmont after an incident involving three teenage girls who were walking by. Four hours after police arrived and surrounded the house, Rogers finally came out peacefully.

Officers who entered the home smelled natural gas and found that all four stove burners had been left on.

Before the stand-off, Rogers allegedly lunged at a 16-year-old girl as she and two 17-year-old friends were passing his house. The girls say Rogers then yelled at them and briefly chased them before going back inside his house.

Rogers is now being evaluated at a local hospital. He's facing criminal charges including reckless endangerment and menacing.

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