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"Snow Rage" Case Lands Nassau Man Behind Bars

Manorhaven (WALK) - A man is accused of pulling a gun on two snow plow operators in what's being called a case of "snow rage."

The incident happened as the snow fell Sunday night in the small North Shore community of Manorhaven, near Port Washington. Two men riding a snow plow say Raymond Hounigringer, 49, was upset that they were allegedly pushing snow from an adjacent parking lot onto his property.

The two victims, whose names were not released, say that Hounigringer (pictured at left) approached them with a shotgun and threatened to shoot them. As he walked away, he allegedly pulled back the slide on his weapon, putting a bullet in the chamber.

The vicitms then called 911. Police went to Hounigringer's home, right next door to the parking lot, and arrested him. The shotgun was found in his home, according to investigators.

Hounigringer was arraigned yesteday on charges including menacing.

Photo: Nassau Police



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