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Shorter Assessment Tests, but not Fewer

Shorter Assessment Tests, but not Fewer

Albany (WALK) - The protests over all the new assessment testing in schools have led to a change, but it may not be the change parents were hoping for.

The state Board of Regents, which is responsible for setting testing policies in public schools in New York, announced yesterday that the allotted time to complete assessment tests next Spring will be trimmed back. Students will be given 20 less minutes during the math exam and about 10 less minutes during the English Language Arts exam.

The reason, according to education officials, is that a huge majority of students completed the tests less spring in much less time than they were given. This will reduce the amount of wasted time they spend, waiting at their desks after they complete the exams, according to officials.

This change will probably do little to appease parents who have been vocally protesting the exams. The complaints have been more about too much testing, rather than simply the length of time allotted to complete them.

Many parents were also hoping for easier exams. Passage rates plunged by more than 40% this year because officials have raised the bar on academic standards, but protesters claim the tests aren't age appropriate.

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