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Setback for Nassau over Property Tax Challenges

Setback for Nassau over Property Tax Challenges

Mineola - (WALK) Nassau County is responsible for reimbursing millions of dollars to taxpayers who successfully challenge their property tax assessments, according to a ruling by New York's highest court.

The court struck down a county law intended to shift the cost of reimbursements to school districts, local governments and special districts within Nassau.  The bill was known among county officials as "The Common Sense Act."  Members of the court of appeals Tuesday determined the law was unconstitutional.

Nassau is virtually unique among counties within New York State responsible for property tax assessments; most are performed with towns and other agencies within local boundaries.  The county reportedly pays an average of $100 million per year in refunds to property owners who are erroneously assessed, while more than 80 percent of the overpaid taxes are collected by those other, local agencies.

The county lost its appeal in court, but may seek to pursue its goal through legislation in Albany. Officials had no comment Tuesday afternoon.

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