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SCPD: Cesspool Truck Sparks Two House Fires

SCPD: Cesspool Truck Sparks Two House Fires

Dix Hills - (WALK) The driver of a cesspool truck backed up over an electrical connector-box Saturday, shorting out a neighborhood power grid, causing two house fires, and driving residents out of several neighboring homes, according to Suffolk police.

The incident happened at about 3:15 p.m. Saturday, when the truck slid off of Randolph Drive and onto an icy patch of ground by the roadside.  The driver tried to gain traction by moving the truck back and forth, accidently striking and damaging the box and its inner works and causing a power surge, according to a spokesman from PSEG-Long Island.

Authorities say the surge caused fires to break out in the basements of two homes.  PSEG turned off power to the street to prevent fires at other houses. No injuries were reported, said police.

Illustration: Dix Hills FD


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