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Puppy Rescued in Crash that Sends 2 People to the Hospital

Puppy Rescued in Crash that Sends 2 People to the Hospital

Greenlawn (WALK) - What kind of person would not only run away from a car crash where people were hurt, but leave their own defenseless puppy behind as well?

That's what police are wondering as they hunt for the driver of an SUV that was involved in an accident early Sunday morning in Greenlawn. The crash happened around 12:30 AM on Lantern Street, near Park Avenue, where the SUV collided with a small sedan.

First responders found two injured women in the sedan. Their injuries that were not life-threatening, although one of them reportedly has a broken femur.

The driver of the SUV was nowhere to be found, but in the back of the vehicle, responders found a 6-to-8-week-old pit bull puppy in a crate. The puppy had apparently been protected by the crate during the crash and was not hurt.

The SUV driver has not been found and there have been no arrests yet. Police have not released a suspect's name, if they have one.

The puppy was taken to the Huntington Town Animal Shelter. The shelter will reportedly put the puppy up for adoption if the owner does not show show up to claim it within 7 days.

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