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Police: Contaminated Heroin Alert

Police: Contaminated Heroin Alert

Mineola - (WALK) As if real heroin isn't dangerous enough.  The Nassau County Medical Examiner's office is investigating several deaths involving a powerful synthetic painkiller, possibly mistaken by users as heroin.

Evidence associated with two deaths indicate glassine packets circulating on Long Island  contain the narcotic drug fentanyl in combination with another restricted painkiller, metamizole.  Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, the active ingredient in heroin, according to Nassau County officials.

The glassine packets are stamped as ""24K" in red ink (see illustration).

As drug abuse does not respect county lines, the information made available to Long Island media by the Nassau County Police on behalf of the county Medical Examiner.

Photo: NCPD


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