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Phony Cop with Bogus Checks in Real Trouble

Phony Cop with Bogus Checks in Real Trouble

Hewlett - (WALK) A Queens man is accused of posing as a good guy to lull Nassau jewelers into accepting bad checks.

Brian Harrington, 31, of Glendale, was arrested Wednesday and acccused of swindling two businesses by posing as a police officer, evidently in an effort to gain their trust.

Real police say on August 15 Harrington told the owner of Rafael's Jewelry in Hewlett that he was a police officer, but didn't have his I.D. nor his debit card with him that day.  He showed a badge and a gun, and asked if the owner would accept a check to purchase a gold chain. Cops say Harrington then wrote a check for $2,965.45, --against a closed account.

When the scam apparently succeeded, Harrington tried it again two hours later at the Tri-County Unique Bazaar on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown, this time to purchase another gold chain valued at $2,283.75. 

Harrington was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday and is charged with criminal impersonation of a police officer, two counts of issuing a bad check, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Photo: Nassau County Police


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