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Oyster Bay Votes Yes to Land Sale, No to Mall

Oyster Bay Votes Yes to Land Sale, No to Mall

Oyster Bay (WALK) - The war over the proposal to build a luxury shopping mall in Syosset may not be over, but opponents have won a major victory.

Residents of Oyster Bay town voted overwhelmingly yesterday in favor of selling a parcel of town land that sits right next to the proposed mall site, on the old Cerro Wire property just north of the Long Island Expressway. This all but ends the plan for the giant mall.

The legal battle, however, will continue. Taubman Centers, the developer that's been trying to win approval to build the mall for almost 20 years now, has already filed suit to stop the sale, which it calls a "sweetheart deal." The deal approved by voters, which was previously negotiated by town officials, would sell the town's public works site in Syosset to Simon Property Group, a rival mall developer.

Voters approved the land sale by a margin of 2-to-1. The deal is worth over $30 million, which Oyster Bay town sorely needs in order to deal with growing debt and other fiscal issues, according to town officials.

Image: Johannes Rössel


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