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"Open SUNY" Open for On-Line Degree Programs

Albany - (WALK) Long Islanders have a new opportunity to pursue higher education in New York, from anywhere.

State University of New York officials introduced a program titled "Open SUNY" in Albany Tuesday.  Beginning this month students throughout the world will be able to earn SUNY degrees in eight subjects, including a BS in electrical engineering offered by Long Island's Stony Brook University, according to Department of Education Chancellor Nancy Zimpher.

The program begins with two available associates' degrees, four bachelor's and two master's degrees offered through six of New York's 64-campus SUNY system.  More online degrees will be available online in September, according to Zimpher.

State officials say students pursuing online degrees will have access to 24-hour technical support, tutoring services, and faculty training.  Educators say online degrees may also improve college completion rates, and save taxpayers money. 

For more information: http://commons.suny.edu/opensuny/

Photo: University of the People


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