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Officials: Farmingdale State College Student has MRSA

Officials: Farmingdale State College Student has MRSA

Farmingdale - (WALK) An intensive clean-up effort is underway at Farmingdale State College after a student was diagnosed with the dangerous bacterial infection known as MRSA.

MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus, is resistant to many commonly-used antibiotics, and can be potentially deadly if it enters a person's blood stream.

College officials ordered a campus alert and clean-up Thursday after a commuter-student was diagnosed with the illness.  The diagnosis was made by the student's family doctor, according to officials.

"There is no evidence that the student contracted MRSA from any location of the campus, but with the safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff uppermost on our minds, we are taking all possible precautions," said president Hubert Keen in a statement Thursday.

Keen did not identify the student, but said the student is recovering at home and doing well.

On Wednesday, authorities at Long Island University Post in Brookville reported a student-athlete was being treated for MRSA.

Public health authorities say a "community-based" MRSA infection begins on the skin (such as illustrated), and can be potentially deadly if it enters the bloodstream. Experts advise proper hygiene as a means of avoiding contracting MRSA, including tips to limit the spread of the bacteria such as not sharing towels or razors.

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