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Town of Islip: Asbestos-Info Update Line

Islip - (WALK) The Town of Islip is maintaining an information hotline to provide information for residents concerned about the extent of asbestos contamination within the town, the progress of their investigation into the illegal dumping, and the level of health-risks involved with exposure to asbestos.

The hotline is available in both English and Spanish and is available at anytime, according to a statement by the Islip Town Council Wednesday.  The number is: 1-888-674-7501

The investigation into alleged illegal dumping of asbestos in the Town of Islip is expanding, after high concentrations of the fibrous, fire-proof-but-toxic mineral were found at a construction site in Central Islip and may be present at a housing subdivision in Islandia, said officials Tuesday.

The Suffolk District Attorney's office and New York State environmental protection agents are exploring  a construction site at Route 111 and Sage Street in Central Islip owned by LC Real Estate Group LLC, a private company.  Photographs at the site show piles of rubble approximately 20' - 30' tall.

Construction shingles at the CI site reportedly contained asbestos in concentrations of about 16 percent. "Anything over 1 percent is considered hazardous," said Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota.

Spota says conditions at the site are similar to the illegal dumping at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood, where Town officials last week confirmed approximately 32,000 tons of construction debris and demolition debris in concentrations of up to 44 percent was found at the park.

Also under investigation today: a 3.5 acre subdivision in Islandia containing six new, affordable housing units meant for U.S. service veterans of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A developer of the housing project is linked to the Brentwood case.  The soil at the Islandia site is being tested for asbestos, said officials. 

Photo: Asbestos fibers, Public Domain


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