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NYS: Suffolk Bumps State Hate Crime Stats

NYS: Suffolk Bumps State Hate Crime Stats

Albany - (WALK) A surge in hate crimes in Suffolk is responsible for a statewide increase of 30 percent in 2012, according to a state agency.

The number of hate crimes logged in Suffolk in 2012 was 117, up 200 percent from the 39 crimes reported in 2011. The Suffolk totals contributed to a 30 percent spike statewide, according to the report by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services obtained by Newsday.

The report is based on hate crimes and arrests during 2012 and case dispositions for arrests reported as of August 2013.

The statistical surge in Suffolk is caused by an increase in anti-Jewish property crimes, but authorities say revised police policies following the 2008 murder of Ecuadorean Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue contributes to enhanced anti-bias law enforcement throughout the county.

The New York State report shows anti-Jewish hate crimes acounted for 82 percent of 405 religous-bias incidents reported. 

Hate crimes against property increased by 48 percent in 2012 (409).  The most frequently reported bias motivation for hate crimes against property in 2012 were anti-Jewish (64 percent) and anti-Black (13 percent).

Hate crimes against individuals om 2012 increased by 12 percent (311). The most frequently reported bias-motivations for hate crimes against people in 2012 were anti-sexual orientation (26 percent), anti-Black (25 percent) and anti-Jewish (22 percent).

In the religious bias crimes category for 2012: anti-Jewish bias was 76 percent (68 of 89 incidents), anti-Islamic bias increased to 18, up from four incidents in 2011.

32 percent of 113 offenders convicted of hate crimes in New York State as of August 2013 were jailed, four percent were sentenced to probation, according to the report.

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