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NYS Senate Kills the Dream Act in a Close Vote

NYS Senate Kills the Dream Act in a Close Vote

Albany (WALK) - Young illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as babies won't be getting any taxpayer-funded college tuition assistance in New York after all.

The New York State Senate killed the Dream Act in a razor-thin vote on Monday. The measure actually received a majority of the vote, with 30 senators voting yes and 29 voting no, but 32 votes were necessary for it to pass. No member of Long Island's all-Republican State Senate delegation voted in favor of the bill.

The Dream Act had already been approved by the State Assembly and was supported by Governor Cuomo, who said he would have signed it into law.

"I'm disappointed that the New York State Senate...denied thousands of hardworking and high-achieving students equal access to higher education and the opportunity that comes with it," said Cuomo, in a statement.

If the Dream Act had passed, New York would have become the fifth state to enact a law allowing state financial aid programs to help the children of undocumented immigrants cover college tuition costs.

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