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NYS: More LI Cops to Carry Anti Heroin OD Drug Narcan

NYS: More LI Cops to Carry Anti Heroin OD Drug Narcan

Albany - (WALK) More Long Island police officers will soon be equipped with the life-saving drug Narcan, according to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Narcan, also known as naloxone, is used to revive heroin overdose victims, and is currently available to Suffolk police in approximately 80 percent of SCPD patrol cars.  Narcan is only available in ambulances in Nassau County. Schneiderman introduced his plan this week on Long Island.

Schneiderman says the state will invest about $5 million to put Narcan in police cars throughout New York State and to train officers in how to use it.  Money for the program would come from assets taken from criminals, he said.

Police in Suffolk began using Narcan during a pilot program introduced in 2012.  Since then SCPD officers have reportedly saved nearly 180 lives, an average of 10 rescues per-month.

Schneiderman says details of the program will be made public soon.

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