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NYS: LI Jobless Rate Falls to 5.3 Percent in July

NYS: LI Jobless Rate Falls to 5.3 Percent in July

Albany - (WALK) Long Island's unemployment rate dropped by a percentage point in July to 5.3 percent, compared with July of 2013, according to state officials Tuesday.

Suffolk County's jobless rate for July was 5.5 percent, a decline of 1.1 percentage points from July of 2013.  The unemployment rate in Nassau was 5.1 percent, a drop of 0.9 percentage points from the year before.

The lowest jobless rate in Suffolk County last month was recorded in Southampton Town, at 4.4 percent.  The highest was in Lindenhurst, at 6.4 percent. The lowest unemployment rate in Nassau was recorded in Rockville Centre: 4.4 percent. The highest was in Hempstead Village: 6.6 percent. The New York State rate was was 6.8 percent, according to the Department of Labor report.

The New York State Department of Labor issued a report Thursday indicating Long Island's economy had 15,000 more jobs last month than in July of 2013. The statistic shows jobs-improvement holding steady, with a similar improvement recorded for June compared with June, 2013.

The greatest improvement was in lower-wage sectors; health-services and private education jobs increased by 7,300.  Utilities, trade and transportation (including retail), increased by 6,900 jobs, according to the report released Thursday.

Higher-wage sectors, professional and business services, added about 4,500 jobs. 4,200 jobs were added in construction. The greatest jobs-loses were recorded in the government sector, where there were 3,000 more jobs in June of 2013. 

New York State will publish Long Island's unemployment rate on Tuesday.  The year-to-year unemployment rate fell in June to 4.9 percent, compared to June of 2013.


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