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NYS Gun Safety Ammunition Law Takes Effect

NYS Gun Safety Ammunition Law Takes Effect

Albany (WALK) - It won't be a magic bullet, but gun safety advocates say an ammunition control measure that took effect Wednesday could be a life saver.

This measure is part of the SAFE law, which was enacted shortly after the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. It requires face-to-face sales of ammunition. Online sales of bullets are now banned in New York State. In addition, ammo sellers must register with state troopers.

Provisions of the SAFE law have gone into effect incrementally, including banning the sale of some semi-automatic rifles and large-capacity ammunition magazines, background checks for some weapons sales and greater penalties for possession of outlawed weapons.

The ammunition restrictions are meant to keep bullets away from convicted felons, the mentally ill, and others who are barred from possession by state or federal law.  High volume ammunition consumers, such as gun clubs, and shooting ranges may register to continue accepting direct shipments.

The SAFE Act restrictions inspired an increase in weapons sales last year, but State authorities report no similar run on ammo this month.

Critics say the the roll-out may not be faster than a speeding bullet: published accounts indicate the state database is incomplete as of Tuesday.  State police say ammunition retailers would be kept informed.

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