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NY Releases First Statewide Teacher Evals

NY Releases First Statewide Teacher Evals

Albany (WALK) - So why are we spending so much time, money and effort on teacher evaluations?

That's the question being asked by many educators and parents today after the state released the first results of its controversial teacher evaluation system that links a teacher's success to the test performance of that teacher's students. The numbers show that almost 91% of teachers are meeting standards, with ratings of "effective" or "highly effective."

While these numbers are impressive, educators and parents alike are now wondering why the state needs to conduct time-consuming and expensive evaluations when so many teachers are meeting standards.

In a statement, state Education Commissioner John B. King warned that there is still a significant amount of analysis of the numbers to be done, but he claims that it's clear teachers are rising to the challenge of teaching the new Common Core curriculum.

"The more accurate student proficiency rates on the new Common Core assessments did not negatively affect teacher ratings,' said King. "It's clear that it's time to put aside talk about a moratorium on the use of state assessments in educator evaluations and focus on ensuring all students receive the rigorous and engaging instruction that will help them to prepare for college and careers."

Principal evaluations were also released. Almost 87% of principals met standards, with 26% rated "highly effective" and 60.9% rated "effective."

For yesterday's complete announcement of the evaluations, click here.

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