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No Pay Raises in Nassau

No Pay Raises in Nassau

Mineola (WALK) - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has been asked to rescind a total of $800,000 in pay raises that were given to certain county employees, despite a pay freeze.

The request came from Jon Kaiman, the chairman of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, the county's financial oversight board. The wage freeze was imposed by NIFA three years ago, but last year, then-County Attorney John Ciampoli advised county officials that it only applied to union workers.

It was recently revealed that county officials handed out dozens of pay raises to political appointees, some of whom were given new job titles to justify the increase, while pay for union member remained frozen.

Mangano justified the pay hikes by saying that they were given to workers who had taken on additional job responsibilities because of downsizing by the county. The consolidation had actually saved the county thousands of dollars, despite the pay raises, Mangano says.

In a letter to Mangano, Kaiman stated that NIFA intended for the pay freeze to apply to all county employees and pointed out "the negative consequences that could ensue by giving increases to selective nonunion employees."

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