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New, Streamlined Security System Lands at ISP

New, Streamlined Security System Lands at ISP

Ronkonkoma - (WALK) A new security system will speed your personal arrival and departure from Islip MacArthur Airport.

The new program, called "PreCheck" will enable travelers to keep their shoes on, also their belts, jackets and even laptops. A similar system is already in use at LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports, and at more than 100 other airports throughout the U.S. according to officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The system was introduced in Islip Friday.

Frequent flyers, and anyone who would prefer an experience similar to EZPass, may apply for PreCheck.  Applicants must provide information including a Social Security number and a set of fingerprints for a criminal background check. There is an application fee of $85.

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