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NCPD: Lottery-Loser Threatens, Robs Store Clerk

NCPD: Lottery-Loser Threatens, Robs Store Clerk

Syosset - (WALK) It could have been his lucky day, instead; a bad break and a violent act led to a night behind bars for a Syosset man.

Michael Sullo, 43, of Jean Place, used a box cutter to threaten a store clerk and demanded money after  a store-employee failed to properly enter his usual lottery number combination Friday night, according to Nassau Police.

Sullo (photo) reportedly plays the same three-digit number each day, 502,  but an employee at Food Express on Jericho Turnpike in Syosset transposed the digits and entered 520.  Guess which number won Friday?

Sullo returned to the store with his losing ticket and demanded 290, according to store clerk Ketankumar B. Patel.  Patel gave Sullo $40; a portion of what he would have won, then completed his shift and left the store.

Sullo reportedly followed Patel out of the building and threatened to damage property and injure family members unless Patel gave him the balance of $250. Pate gave him the money, but told police the still-angry Sullo grabbed his cellphone threw it to the ground and stomped it before driving away.

NCPD officers caught up with Sullo and arrested him a short time later.  Sullo is charged with robbery and possession of a weapon.

Photo: Nassau Police


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