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Minimum Wage Increase in NYS

Minimum Wage Increase in NYS

Albany - (WALK) Minimum wage workers in New York will be celebrating a modest improvement in earnings when the state minimum wage rises to $8 per hour Wednesday, January 1.

The raise, from $7.25 per hour in 2013, is the first step in three incremental increases to bring New York's minimum wage to $8.75 per hour at the end of 2014, and to $9 per hour in 2015.

The minimum wage for many restaurant workers who receive tips may remain $5 per hour, with maximum tip-credit of up to $3 per hour in 2014, then $3.75, and $4 per hour for staff with combined tips and wages exceeding new, higher minimums, according to state labor officials.

The new minimum wage is one of several new laws to take effect in New York this new year: A gun safety measure will require background checks for the purchase of ammunition beginning on January 15; a public health regulation will encourage hepatitis C testing for American "baby boomers" born between 1945 and 1965; a "lemon law" for pets, providing more time for owners to determine the animal's health; and new tax cuts for businesses.  Long Islander, and Senate Majority Leader, Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre), reportedly supports the tax measure as a means of encouraging jobs growth and helping New York families.

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