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Man Charged with Attempted Murder After Police Standoff

Man Charged with Attempted Murder After Police Standoff

Levittown (WALK) - The man who peacefully turned himself in to police after a standoff Tuesday afternoon has been charged with attempted murder.

The standoff began after Rohan Kahn of Levittown allegedly pulled a rifle during a fight with his landlord and chased him down the street while firing the weapon. The landlord, whose name has not been released, and an innocent bystander were wounded by flying glass when bullets hit car windows.

Police say the trouble began when the landlord visited Kahn's apartment on Carter Place, reportedly to collect the rent. The two argued and then began to scuffle, according to police, who say Kahn dragged the victim into his home, punched him and kicked him in the face before pulling out his weapon.

The landlord got away and ran down the street with Kahn in hot pursuit, and at least five bullets were fired, according to detectives. By the time police arrived, Kahn had allegedly gone back to his home and barricaded himself inside.

The suspect surrendered peacefully about two hours later, cops say, with no other injuries reported.

Kahn is due to be arraigned today at First District Court in Hempstead. Other charges against him include reckless endangerment and gun charges.

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