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Luxury Cars Being Swiped on LI

Mineola (WALK) - Some common-sense safety measures may be in order this holiday season if you drive some fancy wheels.

Nassau police are warning drivers that they've detected a pattern of thefts of high-end cars and SUVs on Long Island and all around the Tri-State area. Mercedes Benz and Range Rover models with push-button starts seem to be a favorite.

Police say a lot of the victims were easy targets because they left their cars unlocked in their driveways and garages, with the key fob inside. They're not saying if this string of thefts may have been related to a carjacking in the Flower Hill section of Port Washington this week or a fatal carjacking in New Jersey last weekend.

Whether you drive a Chevy or a BMW, authorities have this advice to safeguard your vehicle:

  • Always lock your vehicle, even when it’s parked in your driveway or garage.
  • Always take your keys or fob with you.
  • Never leave or hide a smart key, valet key, or spare key anywhere in or on your vehicle, no matter where you park it.
  • If possible park your vehicle in a locked garage.
  • • Keep the exterior of homes and driveways well illuminated.
  • Close all your vehicle windows completely when parked.
  • Secure your garage door opener to prevent access to your home.

Police say the most important thing you can do is be observant of suspicious cars or people when you are leaving or returning to your vehicle.

Photo: Michael Sheehan


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