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LIPA: Utility Bills to Jump $17 in January

LIPA: Utility Bills to Jump $17  in January

Uniondale - (WALK) PSEG-Long Island is in charge of utility management today, but LIPA remains in charge of managing utility rates. An anticipated increased in fuel costs will result in immediate higher costs for utility customers, according to the Long Island Power Authority.

LIPA says a power-supply charge will be imposed to recover unpaid fuel costs from November, and an anticipated jump in the price of natural gas.  Typical residential customers will see an average increase of $16.91, according to a statement this week.

Natural gas prices are expected to increase by 51 percent next month, but the power-supply charge will fluctuate through the year, said LIPA.  All customer are affected because most power plants contracted to LIPA use natural gas to generate electricity.

Even though PSEG-Long Island takes over management of our region's power distribution system on January 1, LIPA will continue to manage utility rates. PSEG officials say their New Years resolution for Long Islanders is to provide better storm response, and better customer service.

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