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LIPA: State Funds Recharge Residential Solar-Power Rebates

LIPA: State Funds Recharge Residential Solar-Power Rebates

Uniondale - (WALK) The Long Island Power Authority will resume accepting applications for their residential solar power rebate program Monday.

The popular program was suspended in August after funding ran down, but New York State recently recharged the system with an infusion of $5 million, enough to power the program through 2013, according to LIPA officials.

The state funds are available through New York's Research and Development Agency, the governor's NY-Sun program, and through proceeds of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, according to a statement by LIPA and New York State.

The LIPA rebate program typically helps homeowners pay for between one-third to one-half of the cost of a residential solar power system, with a tip rebate of about $6,600.  The price of a typical residential system is approximately $48,000, according to authorities.

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