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LIPA Bills Costing More...Again

LIPA Bills Costing More...Again

Uniondale (WALK) - The majority of Long Islanders use more electricity in the summer than at any other time of the year, so this is going to hurt.

There was word from LIPA yesterday that the cost of power will be going up again for its customers in September. The average LIPA bill will cost over $6 more this month, on top of an average increase of over $5 in August.

The increase affects the monthly power supply charge that appears on all LIPA bills. The overall effect on bills is about an 8% price hike.

The reason for the increase? LIPA says that it's spending more for the energy it had to purchase to supply to its ratepayers. In addition, oil prices are up, and oil is used to juice LIPA's power plants.

LIPA needed plenty of power this past July. During that month, there were four days that wound up being among the top 12 for usage in the 15-year history of LIPA.

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