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LI Man Accused in $23-G Workers' Comp Fraud

LI Man Accused in $23-G Workers' Comp Fraud

Freeport - (WALK) A Freeport man who claimed a work-related injury nearly 10 years ago is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in benefits after he was recorded in the act of performing damanding physical tasks, according to prosecutors in Nassau County.

Hugh Googan, 55, was employed as a carpenter when he claimed "total disability," after a work-related injury in September of 2004, but recently-recorded video shows Coogan in the act of climbing ladders, using a chainsaw, and dragging tools, pipes, wood and gear at construction sites between February of 2012 and April of this year, according to a statement Tuesday by Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice. 

The video of Googan in action was recorded by an insurance company; during those months Googan collected more than $23,000 in compensation, said Rice.

Coogan is charged with worker's compensation fraud, insurance fraud, perjury, and grand larceny.  If convicted he faces up to 7 years in prison.

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