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LI Macy's Store Accused of Racial Profiling

LI Macy's Store Accused of Racial Profiling

Garden City (WALK) - Gift card fraud has become a growing problem for retailers, but did one local department store take steps to stop it that amounted to racial profiling?

That's the question after word came in of a $2 million lawsuit, filed against Macy's by a Brooklyn couple. Richard Campbell and Samantha Bynoe, who are both African American, say they had just made purchases using a gift card at the Macy's location at Roosevelt Field when they were stopped just outside the store by two men who turned out to be Macy's employees.

Court documents say the two were detained "wrongfully" while their belongings were searched, before they were allowed to leave. The suit was filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Macy's said it couldn't comment on the lawsuit but insisted it does "not tolerate discrimination of any kind" within the company.

An actor recently made a similar claim against the Macy's in Manhattan. He also claims he was stopped while shopping, only because of his race.

Photo: Marcus Quirmire


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