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LI Lobsterman's Miraculous Atlantic Rescue

LI Lobsterman's Miraculous Atlantic Rescue

Montauk - (WALK)  The Long Island lobsterman who spent hours alone in the Atlantic after falling from his boat is discharged from a Massachusets hospital and on his way home.

John Aldridge, 45, is a resident of Montauk and a native of Oakdale.  He fell overboard from his 44-foot fishing boat at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.  Resecue teams covered a search-area of approximately 780 square miles before Aldrige was was spotted by the crew of a Coast Guard helicopter 12 hours later, about 40 miles from his boat, the "Anna Mary," south of Montauk, according to authorities.

Aldridge was not wearing a life preserver when he went overboard, but he told reporters he used his boots to stay afloat.  The 19-year veteran lobsterman swam to a buoy, where he parked for a several hours before being rescued by Coasties from Cape Cod, who lifted him from the water and into their Jayhawk helicopter.

Aldridge was taken to Falmouth Hospital in Massachusets where he was treated for severe sunburn, dehydration, exposure and hypothermia, and discharged at about 9:00 a.m. Thursday.  Family members say a welcome home celebration will continue in Oakdale. 

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