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LI Lawyer Sentenced for Stealing Clients' Settlements

LI Lawyer Sentenced for Stealing Clients' Settlements

Manhattan - (WALK) personal injury attorney from Manhasset will spend up to seven years in prison for stealing his clients' settlements, a total of nearly $400,000, according to prosecutors in Manhattan Thursday.

John Ioannou, 58, pleaded guilty in July to charges including identity theft, insurance fraud, and grand larceny.  Ioannou admitted stealing $395,000 from clients. Manhattan prosecutors say Ioannou's victims including people who had debilitating physical injuries, --and in one case, the infant of a man killed in a car accident.  Ioannou embezzled money meant for the child's care and education.

Ioannou's criminal activities dating from 2007 were reportedly documented by financial investigators peforming forensic accounting at the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.  According to Vance, Ioannou had more complaints filed against him in the Bronx and Manhattan than any attorney or law firm in the past 40 years.

Other egregious actions by Ioannou include stealing the $100,000 settlement of a single mom who was broadsided by another car while driving, and the case of a dialysis patient who was injured while being transported to a treatment session.  Ioannou forged her signature, and stole her insurance funds.


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