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LI Family Accused in $1 Million Home Improvement Scams

LI Family Accused in $1 Million Home Improvement Scams

Harrison, NY - (WALK) Three members of a Long Island family are accused of running a home-improvement racket and swindling victims from New York to Texas out of at least $1 million, according to police in Westchester County.

Anthony Delmaro, 41, of Lindenhurst is being held without bail at Westchester County jail.  Delmaro, also known as Nick Delmaro, was charged with grand larcney for allgedly taking $5,000 from a Harrison, New York, homeowner for work that was never completed.

Prosecutors say Delmaro, his wife and son, would advertise their services under a variety of names, then collect payments without completing the projects.  The trio worked under names including Island-Tec Roofing, Strong Island, and Ace Roofing.  Delmaro worked the scam, cross country, over a period of ten years, according to Suffolk police.

Delmaro's wife, Ruby Stevenson, 34, was charged with conspiracy.  His son, Geno Delmaro, 21, was charged with larceny. Geno Delmaro is reportedly being held on $10,000 bail.  Stevens was reportedly released on $10,000 bail.

Photo: Harrison, NY police 


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