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Knock-Out Attack in Brentwood?

Knock-Out Attack in Brentwood?

Brentwood (WALK) - A trio of young people is under arrest after what looks like another case of that violent, so-called knock-out game.

The suspects, all teenagers, are suspected of attacking a 52-year-old woman on a Brentwood street back on March 7th. It happened around 3 PM, during broad daylight hours, and the victim was hit so badly in the head and abdomen that she suffered broken ribs and a concussion.

Nothing was stolen during the attack, which took place on MacArthur Avenue. This is typical of the "knock-out game," a growing trend where unsuspecting victims are sucker-punched in the head, in an attempt to make them lose consciousness.

The suspects are identified as Wilfredo Torres, 17, of Brentwood; Wayne Beavers, 16, of Bay Shore; and Qwatese Jarvis, 16, of Bay Shore. They are scheduled to be arraigned today on assault charges.

The victim, whose name has not been released by police, was taken to Southside Hospital for treatment and is still recuperating from the assault.

Photo: Dan TD


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