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Knish Factory Fire on LI Leads to Worldwide Shortage

Knish Factory Fire on LI Leads to Worldwide Shortage

Copiague (WALK) - A recent fire at a factory on Long Island has led to a worldwide shortage of square knishes, and for fans of the potato-filled treat, that's just not kosher.

The blaze shut down production at Gabila's, the original Coney Island square knish, which has a factory on Wartburg Avenue in Copaigue. The fire was small and contained, and no one was hurt, but the company has not been able to resume production since then. Repairs are still being done.

Gabila's is the biggest producer of square knishes in the country. Round knishes are still available at many deli counters and restaurants, but while round knishes are baked, square knishes are fried. Purists say the round knishes are simply not an acceptable substitute.

The good news, according to the company's Facebook page, is that they hope to resume production by Thanksgiving, which also coincides with Hanukkah. The first night of Hanukkah this year is the night before Thanksgiving.

Photo: Sean Salo


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