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Key Changes Coming in Common Core?

Key Changes Coming in Common Core?

Albany (WALK) - A controversial issue will be front and center for state education officials again this week.

The State Board of Regents expects to hear recommendations from a committee appointed to consider changes to the rigorous new Common Core curriculum, which has prompted complaints from educators and parents around the state. The committee may recommend that Common Core get an overhaul or at least be slowed down.

The state's rollout of Common Core has been roundly criticized and often described as being botched, even by many who believe education standards do need to be raised. The stated goal of Common Core is to better prepare children for college and careers.

Leaders in the state legislature have recently called for a two-year moratorium on using new tests for the rating of students, teachers and principals. The Common Core curriculum calls for testing that is used to evaluate educators as well as students.

New York's promise to press forward with the tougher Common Core standards helped land the state more than $300 million in federal "Race to the Top" grant money, with even more than that scheduled to come in over the next few years.

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