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Hardball Takes a Timeout at LI Middle School

Hardball Takes a Timeout at LI Middle School

Port Washington - (WALK) The use of soft playground balls on Long Island is making hard news around the world.

Students at Weber Middle School in Port Washington are restricted to using soft balls, such as Nerf-brand balls during their recess periods because of space-limitations caused by construction, according to school officials.  The announcement was picked up by national and international news agencies, including the NBC Evening News with Brian Williams, Tuesday.

The school district informed the world of the reasoning for the decision after initial reports indicated Weber students were forbidden from playing tag or using hard balls during recess.

Tight-space on the playground means, "it is not safe for them (students) to be engaged in unstructured play with hard balls," according to a statement from district officials. "Absent the confined space within wich recess must temporarily be held, such restrictions would not be necessary." Hard balls are still OK for students to use during structured activities and intramural athletics. 

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