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Governor Signs Tougher, Local Puppy Mill Bill

Governor Signs Tougher, Local Puppy Mill Bill

Albany - (WALK) Local governments may now enact powerful legislation to protect the well-being of animals under provisions of a bill now in effect in New York State.

The legislation was approved by the New York State Senate and Assembly last year, and signed into law this month by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Its Senate sponsor, Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson) says New York's existing "Pet Dealer" law regulates dog breeders' methods, but wasn't tough enough to eliminate unregulated puppy mills.

The new law, now in effect, gives local municipalities the right to take stronger action immediately to go beyond the Pet Dealer Act to investigate conditions, protect animals, and prosecute law breakers.

"I'm hopeful that local governments can now take the lead in enacting resolutions to stringently regulate and license pet dealers, so the reputable breeders can continue to supply healthy, happy dogs and cats to families," said LaValle.  "This legislation sends a strong message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in this state." 

Photo: Petra Martin 


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